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Psychology of Colors

  What color is “the love”? What exactly does the color black stand for? Is black a color? What color combination is reflecting “vanity” ?   I recently came across Eva Heller´s book ” Wie Farben wirken”,which examines the psychological effects and symbolisms of colors. Each color creates it´s own mental connection,and the combination of certain  colors in a specific percentage can reflect a feeling or a symbol. This series is illustrating 10 color combinations out of 200 you can find in the book.  (artist statement)


These Game of Thrones inspired posters were done by Ashley Duke (2014 Digital Arts and Design graduate) for a class project.


Game of Thrones inspired doodles.
Check out the last one, it’s the coolest.

daughter of dragons. mother of dragons. bride of fire.

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HOW LONG IT TAKES TO READ THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR BOOKS: http://shortlist.com/entertainment/books/how-long-it-takes-to-read-the-worlds-most-popular-books

My brain likes things like this.

This is a lie. War and Peace takes at least five years. 

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